The 2008 Video Preview Continued …

[10% Park, 60% Rails, 30% Backcountry]

Finger On Da Trigger
Riders: Lucas Magoon, Jonah Owen, Derek Dennison, Eric Messier, Jake Devine, Deadlung, Chris Bradshaw, Dave Munoa, Kyle Cartwright, and Tommi Ylianttila.
Filmers: Cole Taylor and Jeremy Miller.

The dudes at FODT have switched it up a little this year; don’t expect to see the same Technine movie that you may have come accustomed to. Watch the teaser, and you’ll see what all the hype is about. Coming off one of their best seasons yet, FODT has traveled around the globe to bring you some of the most progressive riding to date in their eighth season behind the lens. Rookie standout Jonah Owen leads the charge of a new breed of Technine riders. And look out for Magoon, Bradshaw, Deadlung and the rest of the Technine team to be dropping some serious hammers. Get ready to be shocked by the new format of Familia.