The 2008 Video Preview Continued …

[88.67% Street, 11.33% Mountain]
Brothers Factory
Riders: Jeremy Cloutier, Louif Paradis, Jason Dubois, Phil Jacques, LNP, Greg Jardins, Frank April, Nic Houle, Kael Hill, Jordan Bell, Nic Brunette, P-o Houde, Ben Bilocq, and Dan Migno.
Filmers: Will and Charles Demers.

Filmed almost entirely in the streets, What promises to showcase some gnarly and progressive urban riding. Expect to be awed by the likes of Jeremie Cloutier, Jason Dubois, Kael Hill and Phil Jacques as they tackle some of the heaviest rails north of the border. What is going to showcase the battle that filming a snowboard movie can be: sleeplessness, homelessness, injuries, encounters with the law—this is sure to be one of the dirtiest films of the year. Taking inspiration from skate movies and the many styles of its riders, What will be a blend of raw street snowboarding and clean, polished editing.

What/Brothers Factory