The 2008 Video Preview Continued …

[30% Park, 40% Rails, 30% Backcountry]
Autumn Line
Riders: Gabe Taylor, Brendan Hayes, Eric Fernandez, Greg Hahn, Jake Devine, Lance Machado, Ben Bilocq, Matt Hammer, Cody Rosenthal, Spencer Link, Jake Olson-Elm, Scott Blum, Brett Butcher, and Peter Benchetler.
Filmers: Adam Porter, Matt Porter, Mark Wiitanen, and Mike Miller.

Autumn Line has been bringing you shred movies for the past two seasons, and their new turnout, Technicolor, promises to top their previous releases. With a broader travel range and a heavier riding lineup including Cody Rosenthal, Ben Bilocq, and Brett Butcher, the boys at Autumn Line have set out to bring you a video that will simply get you stoked to go out and ride. “We’re definitely not the Indiana Jones of snowboard videos this summer, but we’d say we’re more like that Zohan Adam Sandler movie,” says Filmer and Editor Adam Porter. “Technicolour will not be easily forgotten. The colors, audio, spots, and people all came together to make such a bright and exciting movie, that is more of a glimpse into these rider’s lives then just a typical snowboard movie.” Regardless of whether or not the Zohan movie is anything like classic Adam Sandler, Technicolour has potential to be one of the coolest films of the year.

Technicolour/Autumn Line