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[25% Park, 25% Rails, 50% Backcountry]
Knockout ‘The Tenth Round’
Alterna Films
Riders: Matt Belzile, Chris Dufficy, Seb Toots, Takaharu Nakai, Tadej Valentan, JF Fortin, Matt Beardmore, Greg Maxwell, Craig Beaulieu, and friends.
Filmers: Darcy Wittenburg, Carlo Wein, Colin Jones, Bryant Bell, and Robert Brunton.

Reaching the decade mark this past season, Alterna brings you a shred movie showcasing their best season yet. With a mixture of up and comers like Seb Toots and seasoned vets like Chris Dufficy, Knockout is, according to the crew, “a quenching blend of inventive freestyle snowboarding with a cinematic punch.” An exotic journey through India and a road gap session with a cable cam will make this one of the hidden gems of the season. Be sure to look out for the “Tootsie Roll”, Seb Toots’ version of the double cork backside 1080, to cap off this one. Knockout is sure to deliver on all levels of Alterna’s trademark innovation.

Knockout ‘The Tenth Round’ / Alterna Films