The 2008 Video Preview Continued …

[10% Park, 50% Rails, 40% Backcountry]
Snowworld Productions
Riders: Nicolas Droz, Aymeric Tonin, Arthur Girault, Pierre Rué, Paul Lambersens, Laurent Gougain, Max Delayen, and Caroline Béliard. Guest appearances by Mikey Leblanc, Corey Noble, Shin Campos and Romain Taillefer.
Filmers: Sébastien Raban, Simon Favier and Pierre Untas.

The best days snowboarding are the ones you share with your friends. Snowworld Productions set out with this in mind, gathering a group of homies to film for a season with one goal in mind: have fun. Nicolas Droz said of the Homies crew, “It’s just a group of friends traveling together to ride new spots and meet new people, basically what we all love about snowboarding.” Snowworld didn’t invest in any ridiculous Hollywood cameras or directors, they just documented a season of traveling, snowboarding, and having a good time with all the homies. Homies is going to come free with a handful of European snowboard publications, and available for download everywhere (still free) this winter. Watch this, gather your pals, and get to your local spot!

Homies/Snowworld Productions