The 2008 Video Preview Continued …

[15% Park, 30% Rails, 55% Backcountry]
All Day Everyday
Riders: Andrew Geeves, Rube Goldberg, Kevin Sansalone, Ryan Hall, Brendan Keenan, Rusty Ockenden, Andrew Hardingham, Max Ritchie, Steve Cartwright, Dwayne Wiebe, Nash Lajeunesse, Geoff Brown, Mikey Pederson, Ryan Tiene, Kevin Griffin, Logan Short, and Etienne Gilbert.
Filmers: Clayton Larsen, Ryan Sliziak, Aaron Maksymec, and Mike Fikowski.

Sandbox, following in the wake of the not-so-old Seymour Kids videos, has been producing quality shred flicks for the past three seasons. Offerings Flavor Country and Time Well Wasted put Sandbox on the map, and their fourth release promises to continue this growing legacy. “This movie has a good balance of all kinds of snowboarding from park and rails to some great backcountry, the music is good and the feeling of this film just makes you want to go riding,” said Sandbox mastermind Kevin Sansalone. Add to all this a healthy mix of lifetime rippers and fresh up and comers and you’ve got the makings for an awesome video from start to finish.

All Day Everyday/Sandbox