The 2008 Video Preview Continued …

[1% Park, 60% Rails, 39% Backcountry]
Guns Out
Variety Pack
Riders: Ben Hanisch, Sean Black, Trevor Rhoda, Alex Andrews, JP Tomich, Drew Fuller, Clint Allan, Mac Spedale, Cam Pierce, Max Honegger, David Kunz, Spencer Davis, Ted Borland, Matt Piasecki, Jonah Owen, and friends.
Filmers: Eddie Grams, Tyler McLeod, and friends.

Variety Pack’s rookie release will showcase some of Utah’s best riders, and is sure to please jib and backcountry enthusiasts alike. Utah locs Eddie Grams (formerly of Naptime Films) and Tyler McLeod combined their powers this year to create the infant film company, uniting two of Utah’s largest local film crews from last season. This group of ams took full advantage of the near exodus of film crews from the Utah backcountry to get some hammers on their home turf. With one of the snowiest Utah seasons in recent years, you know there’ll be plenty. When we asked Eddie how Gun’s Out will stand out from the pack, he told us, “It displays a high level of street and backcountry riding with creativity that is also enjoyable to watch. There are some bigger names than others, but most of these kids will be pretty well known on a larger scale really soon.” If you’re into progressive, creative riding from new and/or underground faces, Guns Out should be worth a viewing or two or three …

Guns Out/Variety Pack