The 2008 Video Preview Continued …

[6% Park, 25.5% Rails, 25.25% Backcountry, 43.25% Other, 100% Ripping]
Stack Footy
Think Thank
Riders: Scott Stevens, Johnny Miller, Sean Genovese, Nick Visconti, Jesse Burtner, Ben Bogart, Chris Beresford, Mark Thompson, Gus Engle, Austin Hironaka, Matt Edgers, Blair Habenicht, Pat Milbery, Bryce Lowell and Jed Hoffman.
Filmers: Ross Phillips, Justin Meyer, Mack Collins, C-Gare, Krush, Pika and Bro Cam.

Think Thank has been pushing the limits of snowboarding in directions that very few thought possible. Their unique and creative approach to snowboarding has attracted a large and devoted following inspired by truly original riding. “We are on the snowboarding trail of least resistance, riding on whatever may be in our path and using it to the furthest reaches of our imaginations,” says co-founder Jesse Burtner, “I think if you watch this movie it will get you stoked to ride, be creative, and even use it as a blueprint for your own adventures.” Look out for Scott Stevens’ part, who according to Burtner, “almost stacked to death: his stuff is amazing.” Don’t skip over Nick Visconti’s part either, who brought technique and originality to the screen this season, and as always, keep an eye out for Gus Engle, Sean Genovese, Johnny Miller, Mark Thompson, and Pat Milberry.

Stack Footy/Think Thank