New Photo Book: Chris Brunkhart Takes Us Back


Temple Cummins on the railroad tracks.

We were waiting for a train … we spent all day at the Seattle and Everett train yards. We were gonna take the train to Wenatchee. The whole idea was to do this train trip story, but we couldn’t find the spot where the trains were moving slow enough to jump on … we ended up driving. For me it seems like the photos in between destinations always seem to be the best. In between Salzburg and Prague, in between Seattle and the North Cascades …

How did you decide to fund the publication of the book with Kickstarter?

A friend of mine told me about it and I kept putting it off. Then, realizing that corporate sponsors were going to be harder than I thought to get, I was like okay, I’ll give it a try and so I put it all together. It’s been a pretty good success, I have two weeks left and another 1500 dollars to raise. On Kickstarter if you don’t raise all your money, you don’t get any money.

So that makes it a risk-free donation?

Yeah, they don’t charge until the end. Nobody has been charged yet and they won’t be until like August 3rd. It’s a cool thing—there’s all kinds of cool projects, from arts and crafts to movies to books. All sorts of creative endeavors … people have been responsive, I’m pretty excited that people are behind my project.