New Photo Book: Chris Brunkhart Takes Us Back


Jeff Anderson at Mammoth.

I went hiking there with Jeff and his brother Billy—it was late Spring. I remember we hiked up over to the backside and saw this gigantic bear, so we just kinda stopped and ate lunch and waited for it to keep moving. It was an awesome day just because Jeffy was a super-cool kid: creative and artistic and all that and Billy was always super fun. So it was a fun time. The filmer is Todd Hazletine. Sometimes you go on these trips and you’re just hoping to get that one shot that’s like “Yup that was the day.”

So you were in with the locals.

Yeah sometimes you just click with certain people—the real people in the real areas and it’s fun to get people on their home turf, where they’re comfortable because then the photos are so much better. They’re at ease and you can see that in their riding style or the moments off the mountain…