New Photo Book: Chris Brunkhart Takes Us Back


And someone jumping off a bridge.

That’s Peterka again. He’s committed. We had this whole thing about jumping off bridges and finding swimming holes. I had a dream about doing a story on swimming holes—we’d find them everywhere we went. But the photo speaks about jumping in, “taking the chance” I guess. It’s hard to pick a selection of photos for publicity without giving the whole book away … There are so many. I’ve been putting photos on my facebook for months and people are really stoked, but they’re like the B shots and I’m thinking—wait til they see the real ones, the book.

How many of the photos in the book were published previously?

Out of the 220 or so shots, less than half—maybe a quarter? I kept finding photos—Craig, Hetzel at Baker, Jamie,—that had never run and I was like, “What? How did I not see this before?” I found a lot of portraits, too which as I said was one of my favorite things to shoot—not just action, but the real life shots.

Going through all these shots—it’s a trip deep down memory lane. How was it for you?

It was kind of heart wrenching. My father passed away last April—I’d been wanting to do this project for like a decade, but when that happened it totally spurred me. I was like, If I wanna do it, I gotta just do it now. So I just sat down and started collecting and looking and editing. It was tough to see photos of Craig or Jeffy Anderson or Jamil [Khan] or Scott Stamnes—people that had passed away and weren’t around to tell their stories anymore. And seeing the photos of young Jamie and Donahue or whoever growing up, and capturing these intimate moments with them, it made me feel honored in a way and the more I looked at all this stuff it made me realize that somebody needed to tell this story—snowboarding’s coming of age, what we all did. Good or bad or whatever we did it—and I met so many amazing people. I hope my book does it justice. I could probably do two or three … It’s not just my story, it’s everyone’s. I just felt like I needed to do it.