New Hampshire Action

Waterville Valley, New Hampshire. Legendary, really.
Ian Hart. Lots of tricks, few words. A rare combination in New Hampshire, actually.

New Hampshire. The Granite State. Famous for ice. Also the home of many shredders. Name Drop: Pat Moore, Chas Guldemond, Chilly Miller, Greg Maxwell, Nick Julius, Brandon Reis, Ian Thorley, and on and on. It’s home to legendary face-punchers the NHD, Plymouth State University, Waterville Valley & The Waterville Academy, Loon Mtn., Last Call, Granite Gorge, Eastern Boarder (Nashua, hi!). We went back there last Spring (photog Chris Wellhausen & scribbler Muzzey) and cruised around. There wasn’t a ton of snow, but that didn’t matter. There was enough. We went and visited the extremely fortunate kids who go to shred-school at Waterville Academy. We hunted for jibs in raunchy Weirs Beach. We rode the homegrown shred park at Granite Gorge. Good trip. We lagged in getting this post up. Sorry New Hampshire. We love you.

Ian Hart. FSBS at Waterville.
If you went to school here, you'd get out after lunch to go shred.