2012 Resort Poll: Top 10 Parks


Big jumps and a gang of rails are all crucial elements for a good park, and many have them, but it takes more than that to be a Top 10 Resort Poll park. Those that made the cut scored high in the areas like design, grooming, variety, vibe, and challenge. Whether you’re a beginniner looking to hit your first rail or you’re ready to try your first double cork, these parks have you covered.

1. Buttermilk, CO

The Buttermilk part is the reigning champ for the 3ed year in a row because they build jumps that you can do this on.
The Buttermilk part is the reigning champ for the 3ed year in a row. Mikkel Bang shows you why. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Returning for the three-peat win in the park category, Buttermilk continues to push the level of what’s possible with a terrain park. “There are so many lines that you can switch it up all day and never ride the same thing twice,” says Aspen/Snowmass Terrain Park Manager Greg Boyd. S3 and The Buttermilk Main Park are the central parks- the latter an amazing, lung-crushing two-miles long from start to finish-with smaller ones scattered throughout. Jumps range from five-feet all the way to 80, moving up in 10-foot increments so that everyone has something to learn and progress on. After the X games, the Big Four jump line on the lower Main Park is left intact, as is the Superpipe. The design, build, and maintenance are premium quality all season long thanks in part to Buttermilk’s 100-percent return rate for park staff for three years in a row. The veteran crew knows all the details of the runs, like where the snow pockets and speed are. Every night they work the natural terrain features to get everything buffed out before the lifts fire up in the morning. New this year are several log features and scraps gleaned from around the resort, including large steel drums, old lift towers, and handrails. The crew Zaugg-cuts the side of every platform and jump in the lower parks, adding tranny options to what was just dead space-every last thing is now hit-able!—J.S.