2011 Resort Poll: Top Five East Coast Parks

Growing up riding parks on the East ain’t easy, but you learn some very important lessons in both life and snowboarding. Two inches of fresh equals hero conditions. Creativity is created, not built. Disrespecting a local is bad for your health, and don’t fall. Ever.

Hardpack and harsh weather keep the EC dirts hungry for each lap, developing strong landing gear and a work ethic unlike any other. The community is tight-knit, the events attain cult status, and the vibe will forever be stoked. Back East, these five parks are dedicated to leading the hardcore way.

Norway’s Alek Ostreng, blasting over Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. Ignore the grass … PHOTO: Tim Peare

1. Seven Springs, Pennsylvania

Seven Springs is home to five unique parks, all fully lit for night riding. The Spot is the signature area, spectator-friendly and featuring their large jump line, famously sessioned by the Forum team this past winter. North Park serves as the next-level training ground, while The Alley, Santa’s Beard, and Arctic Blast offer leveled progression. The parks are maintained nightly by the fifteen-man park staff, with the overall vibe being friendly, dedicated, and relaxed.

After last season’s number three ranking, Seven Springs’ Director Of Action Sports,Joel Rerko had but one goal in mind: claim the top spot in 2010, or die trying. Well, Joel is more than just alive and kicking-he and his park crew are already looking ahead to setting the bar even higher. Having succeeded in staking their place atop the East, JR and co are ready to make their mark against the big guns on the national stage. As they say: “If you ain’t living, you’re dying.” PA, stand UP!



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