2011 Resort Poll: The Extracurriculars

When judging a resort or planning a shred vacation, be sure and take into account a bit more than that the number of jibs, size of the jumps, inches of snow, or shine of the sun. Vibe, Terrain, Value, Energy, Lodging; these and countless more factors can have a huge impact on your trip and experience. Ever had a sweet day on the hill, only to get back to the “town” and find out that the pubs close at 7 pm and the nearest cute waitress / hot bartender is 100+ miles away? What if the park’s set for a king, but the roach-infested bunkbeds at the lodge aren’t fit for a servant? We asked, you answered. The 2011 Top Ten listings for Nightlife, Snow, Lodging, Vibe, Value, and Terrain.

Top Ten Nightlife

This is nothing. Just wait until the 8 Mile boys wake up. PHOTO: Kevin Arnold
This is nothing for Whistler. Just wait until the 8 Mile boys wake up. PHOTO: Kevin Arnold

1. Whistler/Blackcomb, B.C., Canada
2. Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada
3. Holiday Valley, New York
4. Snowmass, Colorado
5. Aspen, Colorado
6. Breckenridge, Colorado
7. Mont Saint-Sav
eur, Quebec, Canada
8. Sun Valley, Idaho
9. Heavenly, California
10. Buttermilk, Colorado


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