2009 Resort Poll: Top 10 Pipes

3. Northstar-At-Tahoe, California

Jussi Oksanen, Northstar-at-Tahoe. PHOTO: Kevin Zacher

3. Northstar-At-Tahoe, California

Snow in Tahoe may be jokingly referred to as Sierra cement, but that’s all the better for Northstar’s crew of crafty snow masons. They’ve climbed the ranks year after year, and according to SPT boss Chris Gunnarson, “It’s a result of very committed resort management as well as a talented and passionate park crew, led by Chris Castaneda and the Snow Park Technologies team.” Enhanced snowmaking over the last few years has allowed the crew to fill the dirt skeleton of Northstar’s Superpipe with gleaming walls full of sweet pop while their distinguished pro team including Andy Finch and Chas Guldemond consistently add input to better its features and claim this number three spot.