2009 Resort Poll: Top 10 Overall Resorts

2. Mammoth Mountain, California

Mammoth is the place to escape to for Southern Californians. With everything from steep cliff drops and lines to epic park and pipe and late-night restaurants and bars in the village-Mammoth meets the needs of SoCal shredders. Jonas Michilot blasts off in excitement. PHOTO: Tim Peare

Maybe Mammoth earned its name because it’s huge. There are few resorts in North America that offer the vastness and variety of terrain that can be found here. For years Mammoth has been a haven for pro riders and the apparent epicenter for park-design progression; but there is a lot more mountain outside all the parks. From a summit elevation at over 11,000 feet, the mountain drops steeply down alpine powder faces to an expansive, undulating maze of world-class groomers. These trails roll off in all directions of the compass to different base zones that feed riders back up to the top for more. Dollar for dollar, foot for vertical foot, Mammoth really is hard to beat.