2009 Resort Poll: East Coast Rankings

Top Five East Coast Parks


1. Loon Mountain, New Hampshire

Loon lets the team colors fly all the way down to the orange marking so you can see where to drop a melon without getting all mushy. Bode Merrill is sixteen up and ripe. PHOTO: Brian Norton

2. Waterville Valley, New Hampshire

Waterville’s park has been on point for years and is the East Coast stop of choice for contests like the TransAm and Volcom’s Peanut Butter & Rail Jam. The Waterville park staff is dedicated, friendly, and led by ex-Think Thank ripper Luke Mathison, who is by no means afraid to yell at a kook, for safety’s sake of course. waterville.com

3. Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

Charles Reid grabbing some of that picturesque hang time with this rocket to gondolaville, Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada. PHOTO: Simon Busque

Tremblant has three parks—a progression zone, an intermediate zone, and an advanced zone. They combine to span 40 acres, so you may want a hit list of spots to shred before heading out. There’s music blasting out of the speakers and local shredders polishing all the features, giving riders from all over good reason to make the trip out other than for the parties. tremblant.ca

4. Okemo, Vermont

Okemo gives riders a few options for park riding. The Dew Zone is a jib park where Okemo houses most of its signature rail features, and there’s a short surface lift specifically for park and pipe laps. The Nor’Easter is the signature park—a long, straight trail that seems endless and is packed with rails, jumps, and wallrides. You’ll be pulling off for a break before you make it halfway down. okemo.com


5. Big Boulder, Pennsylvania

Mike Bennett rallies a late-night board wheelie at the rising star Big Boulder, Pennsylvania. PHOTO: Ben Birk

If you’ve paid any attention to twsnow.com in the past year, you should have heard of Big Boulder by now. Host to the 2008 TransAm and countless other local events that have graced the pages of our online counterpart, Big Boulder is making its mark on the East Coast park scene. The park even has its own Web site: bigboulderpark.com.