2009 Resort Poll: East Coast Rankings

Top Five East Coast Pipes


1. Loon Mountain, New Hampshire

Loon Mountain overview. PHOTO: Brooks Dodge

2. Okemo, Vermont

Okemo’s pipe is on point in all respects. They cut it with a Zaugg Pipe Monster, making perfect seventeen-foot walls stretching 500 feet down the hill. The pipe is located in the Dew Zone, a short feature jib park with a surface lift (T-bar) right next to it. You can easily get 60 pipe laps in a day and not hike once. okemo.com

3. Sunday River, Maine

Sunday River showed this season that they have the patience and determination it takes to keep a good halfpipe in Maine; slow winter beginnings can make it tough to get a pipe up and running. Good snowmaking is key, and so is a knowledgeable shaper to keep things tight. sundayriver.com

4. Mount Snow, Vermont

Mount Snow proved not only to you, the readers and riders, that they know how to construct a good U-ditch, but the folks at the AST Dew Tour as well; Mount Snow is the only East Coast stop in the ’08/09 campaign. When you produce Olympic Halfpipe gold medalists like Kelly Clark, you have to be doing something right. mountsnow.com

5. Seven Springs, Pennsylvania.

It may be a surprise to see Pennsylvania on this list, but the pipe at Seven Springs is no joke. Eighteen-foot Superpipe walls, constant grooming, and a dedicated park staff keep the pipe in top shape all winter long. Expect to start seeing pipe rippers out of the Quaker State. 7springs.com