History Of The TransWorlds SNOWboarding Riders’ Poll Awards

This upcoming Wednesday January 29, we’ll be celebrating not just the best rookies and riders of this year at the 10th Annual Rider’s Poll in Las Vegas, but we’ll also be reflecting on year’s past. We dusted off the old mags so we can all take a  ride down memory run together. Through these ten awards shows you can track the history of snowboarding itself—the reign of Tara Dakides, the influence of Craig and Terje, and the staying power of snowboarding’s biggest stars like Peter Line, JP Walker, and even the young Shaun White.


The 1991 Inaugural TransWorld SNOWboarding Rider’s Poll Awards Show

The first ever awards show was held on March 20, 1991 (five years after the first issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding debuted in 1987) at the Shark Club in Las Vegas. It was a reader polled awards show instead of pro rider polled. (The ballot was in a previous issue and the page was marked up and mailed in by TWS readers.) The simple categories and the list of winners reads like a roll call of all that was cool about snowboarding.

Best All-Around: Craig Kelly, Tara Eberhard

Best Racers: Peter Bauer, Tara Eberhard

Best Halfpipe Riders: Craig Kelly, Tina Basich

Best Freeriders: Damian Sanders, Tara Eberhard

Most Extreme: Damian Sanders, Bonnie Leary