History Of The TransWorlds SNOWboarding Riders’ Poll Awards

The 4th Annual Riders’ Poll Awards



The SIA tradeshow moved two months ahead and we followed with the January 31, 2002 show at the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay Resort (we got kicked out of the Hard Rock). It was the perfect storm of awards shows—Tara and Kevin were still enthroned as the king and queen, but the Grenerds were accelerating at full blast en masse. What happened next is the stuff of legend in the hallowed halls of TransWorld. Drunk Janna Bananas, The Grenerd surge, and resurge, and the resulting scolding of Danny Kass by our events director Louise Balma right into the open mic—“F­—k me, f—k you!” Dave Sypnewski and Todd Richards hosted in as much as they could. And Scotty Wittlake was no show to collect Rockstar of The Year—what’s more rockstar than that?

Rookies Of The Year: Hana Beaman, JP Solberg

Best Halfpipe Riders: Natasza Zurek,Danny Kass

Best Freestyle Riders: Kevin Jones, Tara Dakides

Best Big Mountain Riders: Jeremy Jones, Victoria Jealouse

Rockstars of the Year: Scotty Wittlake

Best Video Segment: JP Walker/True Life

Best Overall Riders: Kevin Jones, Tara Dakides

SIA Retailers Choice Award: Tara Dakides, JP Walker


Readers Choice Award: Kevin Jones, Tara Dakides