The 2nd Annual Rider’s Poll Awards

The 2nd Annual Awards show was March 5, 2000 during SIA (a Sunday night!) at The Joint at The Hard Rock again. Co-hosted by Sal Masekela and Shaun Palmer. TransWorld’s Lee Crane described the crowd as a mix of “old-school pros, next-wave jib punks, photographers, reps, giddy sales managers, tradeshow girls in backless dresses, and over-it snowboard media icons.” One notable highlight of the night was when Snurfer-inventor Sherman Poppen came onstage with Peter line to present overall rider of the year award.

Favorite Freestyle Riders: JP Walker, Tara Dakides

Favorite Big Mountain Riders: Johan Olofsson, Karleen Jeffrey

Favorite Racers: Mark Fawcett, Betsy Shaw

Favorite Boardercrossers: Shaun Palmer, Maelle Ricker

Favorite Overall Riders: Terje Haakonsen, Tara Dakides

Maniac Of The Year: Mike Michalchuk

Rookie Of The Year: Scotty Wittlake

Best Video Segment: Jussi Oksanen in TB8