History Of The TransWorlds SNOWboarding Riders’ Poll Awards

The 2nd Annual Rider’s Poll Awards

The 2nd Annual Awards show was March 5, 2000 during SIA (a Sunday night!) at The Joint at The Hard Rock again. Co-hosted by Sal Masekela and Shaun Palmer. TransWorld’s Lee Crane described the crowd as a mix of “old-school pros, next-wave jib punks, photographers, reps, giddy sales managers, tradeshow girls in backless dresses, and over-it snowboard media icons.” One notable highlight of the night was when Snurfer-inventor Sherman Poppen came onstage with Peter line to present overall rider of the year award.

Favorite Freestyle Riders: JP Walker, Tara Dakides

Favorite Big Mountain Riders: Johan Olofsson, Karleen Jeffrey

Favorite Racers: Mark Fawcett, Betsy Shaw

Favorite Boardercrossers: Shaun Palmer, Maelle Ricker

Favorite Overall Riders: Terje Haakonsen, Tara Dakides

Maniac Of The Year: Mike Michalchuk

Rookie Of The Year: Scotty Wittlake

Best Video Segment: Jussi Oksanen in TB8