Shoulder-High Powder Snowboarding with a Standard Lift Ticket

Unfortunately, some skiers and snowboarders come to Lake Tahoe on a trip that was planned months ahead of time. It isn’t that they want to leave their chances of landing a great snow storm up to the snow gods. It is probably because this is the only way they can pragmatically travel with their kids while they are off of school and take time off of work all at the same time. The “holiday trip” category of customer is profitable for the ski industry but it makes you wonder, is that the best you can do for your snowboard season?rnrnForget about how most people are experiencing the mountain, I venture to say that if you are a younger person and enjoy skiing or snowboarding then don’t buy your Tahoe lift tickets 6 months in advance! This might sound crazy to those of you with six figure incomes, but you might want to consider getting paid less money and spend the entire ski season living and working in a ski town. Forget about buying a 3-4 Saturday Sierra at Tahoe lift tickets or Alpine Meadows lift tickets. Instead, buy a Season Pass and ride 100 or more days in one season! The experience is worth more than the money you are giving up in salary for the winter months. rnrnThis past winter season in Lake Tahoe was one of the best seasons in the last 50 years according to snow count totals. Skiers and snowboarders were on the slopes as late as July! More importantly, those living in town had prime access to the ski lifts on the days when it counted the most. Be forewarned, however, because after experiencing a few midweek powder days with empty slopes you might become addicted to the ski town lifestyle! During this last season alone, locals witnessed multiple storms that yielded five to eight feet of powder in the span of a few days. Having convenient access to the ski lifts during these conditions (and not paying $90 per day for a lift ticket) is priceless in the eyes of many of those who choose to call Lake Tahoe home. rnrnBesides the peak conditions that living in Tahoe provides, the knowledge gained about the terrain gives locals another priceless advantage. A small bit of exploring the hidden areas of ski resorts will pay off big when the snow hits hard as those who know where to go will get fresh powder tracks all day in some spots. Just check out the photo above of shoulder-high powder conditions! In addition, by mid-season your endurance levels will be at their peak so you don’t have to quit after the first 2 lift rides of waist deep snow conditions. By the mid-day, the weekend warrior crowd with day lift passes will already be trashing their lift tickets and ordering margaritas at the bottom of the hill while you continue to ski. If you don’t decide to take an adventure of these sorts, don’t worry. The locals in Lake Tahoe will gladly ski your fresh tracks for you!