Into the Dark: Trevor Eichelberger 50-50

Pittsburgh, PA hasn\’t had the most amazing snowfall so far this year. But we just got a few inches and set up this MONSTER kink rail at the local park. We sessioned it for a good 5 hours. This rail is not a simple thing. As is typical with municipal-built \”improvements\”, nothing was how you\’d think it would be. Each down section was at a different angle than the previous down section, and no two flat sections were the same length. All this combined to make this a very tricky rail. Note* Flashes were set up for the goofy footed riders we were shooting today. Trevor took a run between bungee duties and I snapped one. :::: Flashes: 1 Alien Bee 800 at 1/4 power – camera right and up the hill – lighting the upper part of the rail :: 1 Nikon SB900 as an accent light at 1/4 +0.3 power halfway down the hill zoomed to 135mm for a tight beam on the rider :: 1 Alien Bee 800 at 1/4 +0.5 camera left lighting the bottom of the rail.