Into the Dark: Madison Goodman Tailpress

Pittsburgh, Pa has has a pretty weak winter so far. I\’ve shoveled my driveway twice… if that. So when we got hit with a little bit of snow, we rushed to set up this urban hit. Madison and I worked on this for about two hours refining the run in (sketchy as EVER!) and perfecting the angles/lighting of the shot. I was working down two flash units. As best I can remember the settings were: 1 Alien Bee 800 camera right – pointed at Madison – at about 1/4 power, and 1 Nikon SB900 – you can just see it right under the rider in the background – lighting the factory door at a cool 1/4 power. Working with two lights was a challenge on this shot because I wanted to not only light the rider, but light some of the more interesting surroundings as well, all the while trying to cancel out the awful color temps of the factory lights.