Good things come in time.

Rider: Kirk BoehmrnPhotographer: Joshua LodgernLocation: Berthoud PassrnrnKirk had been working on his double backflips most of the day and was starting to get frustrated that he wasn\’t able to land them. He decided next lap he would just float an easy 720 for a confidence booster. Since it was getting to be late in the day our jump was pretty tracked out and he didn\’t quite stick the 7 that\’s normally a pocket trick for him. \”@#$%@! !%!@#@@!!!!!!\” Kirk yelled as he got up. I quickly looked at my view screen on my camera and stopped him from going any further, \”KIRK! YOU JUST GAVE ME THE BEST SHOT THAT I\”VE EVER TAKEN IN MY LIFE!\”rnrnThe moment where a cloud had passed over the sun created something so incredible with how the snow texture looked below Kirk along with making him a single shadow infront of a magnificent burst of cloud and sun. It sent him home with a smile on his face after a rough day of progression work and a feeling of accomplishment that he had just helped create a wonderful work of art.