I used to live near here. I would hike it after work al most every day before the lifts opened. We had a lot of snow last year,like 350″, There was a time I hiked I met up with this chick who said she wanted to take photos, lucky me. I made the sequence out of the digital prints and added my music to it. It was so steep. One side is DEATH! the other is skinny, steep, and being a first decent avalanche possible! Th sun came around the cloud right before dropping and stayed out for me the whole way down. The back drop Perfect. Amazing! I also ride pipe well, rails good, kickers well, powder good, woodrails and jibbs good, love going fast, don’t care about my age (26). I have snowboard riding for 10 years + and have been down for anything. I have our backs homies. I now live close to Steamboat Springs, CO. Got a pass this year and plan on the same exact type of $hit, If you like my video I hope you vote for me.