www.tfpictures.com Think Feel Pictures presents: CWGKA Throwdown – Snowboarding Competition Near Mountain High.

Song: Get Better John by Mux Mool. http://www.myspace.com/muxmool

The Chicken Wings and Grape Kool Aid Throwdown was put together by Snowdogg Carter and Sponsored by S4 Optics, Flow Snowboarding, Anenberg, Thug Bunniez, Revolucion, Tyrant Snowboards, NXTZ, and Thug Crew.

Grom: 1st Gilbert Madrid, 2nd Sean, 3rd Moe Kastari
Men : 1st Jared McDaniels, 2nd Ryan Dogherty, 3rd (and best trick) Mike “Broke off” Eggleston
Women:1st Melissa Spillman, 2nd Jamie Madrid, 3rd Kaz Palomino

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