Artist: Concept
Directed By: Chase McMullen
Produced By: Trever Crow

Going insane never looked this fun! It’s just another day in the life of Trever Crow, chilling out and playing his favorite video game, “Trever Crow’s Evil Mission.” A first person shooter where Concept, the main character, has a license to kill and anything goes. The problem, the game is really Concept’s reality, and Trever has no idea what he is actually making him do. As the game is played and levels move forward, a chapter story begins as Concept goes to get help from Dr. Phillis, a well-known physiciatrist around Reno, NV. Phillis’ aid immediately turns sour in the middle of levels, and he decides to send Concept in for medical treatment, aka a mental institution. Sitting in idle as Trever Crow gets ready for his day, Concept begins to go crazy; only to be set free by an enabled cheat code punched in by Trever. Suddenly out with gun in hand, Concept goes right for the drugs and hard cash as the game continues. Unplanned, Trever gets interrupted by his cousin in the middle of his game and has to leave in a hurry, forcing him, with no ability to save a game; to end Concept’s life. The catch being, that Concept actually commits suicide as Trever easily pushes a button, shuts the power off, and begins his day.

This is the first music video from Concept, better known from Sideshow Mob; a three piece group from reno, Nevada. His music is Underground to the core, and Hip Hop at it’s fullest.


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