Well this post is long overdue but there was a nice bit of footage to edit and im kinda lazy. I took a 10 hour flight from Deer Lake Newfoundland to Fort McMurray Alberta to meet up with my brother Mike Warren.We spent a couple days at Vista Ridge which is the local hill. You can see the video for that HERE.When we weren’t snowboarding, we were partying and the video for that is HERE.
      So after a couple days in Fort McMoney we took off on a 12 hour drive to Banff. When we arrived there were Otter Deer everywhere and shit on the ground to match. We checked into the hotel and took off to go shred. 4 days of boarding, 1 night of attempted partying and 1 night succesful. Amazing town, vibe, steak, snow, terrain, and pancakes. The best trip of my life so far!