The new SLOVENIAN 5-0 productions presents the first teaser (Promo) for upcoming movie called: 5-0 Team Movie.

With this video we just wanted to give the people a sneak peak into what we did this winter and how a couple of guys on snowboards, skateboard and a BMX from Slovenia are living thier everyday life toghether or seperate… How we have fun and how we spend our time togheter. The idea behind the movie and the team started small and basicly we tought that this is where the idea is going to stuck, but we proved ourselves wrong and we started to film a lot, buying and making equipment necessary for shooting…

5-0 Production:
Anže & Rene
Aleš Kegl (filming, editing, producer)
Blaž Vizjak (filming, editing, producer)
Peter Perunovi? (photographer, producer)
Andraž Kadunc (filming)

5-0 team 09:
Anže Suša
Domen Fekonja
Jan Beguš
Matej Pavli?
Mitja Kodri?
Rene Strgar
Žiga Erla?