Billabong Flaunt It At Sunshine, Alberta

On Saturday February 12, Billabong Flaunt It came to Sunshine, Alberta for the second stop of the series. Over 30 competitors from Canada, Australia and the UK came together in an interesting competition format never before seen at Flaunt It. As a storm hit Sunshine Friday morning and continued into the day of the competition, the slopestyle portion of the event was inconceivable with limited visibility as wind and snow blew throughout the course. The competition went on with an innovative format; a rail jam in the morning with multiple rail features, followed by a Powder Jam in the afternoon where the girls had a chance to flaunt their powder skills down the area known to Sunshine as the Garbage Chutes. The ladies interacted as they carefully chose their lines down the chutes dropping cliffs and slashing powder.

In the Rail Jam, Breanna Strangeland showcased her talent with her stylish back lips winning her the trip to Tahoe and $700 cash. Jennifer Englot took 2nd place with her solid style, followed by CJ Derpak in 3rd. The newly touted Powder Jam was a success and the ladies with the gnarliest lines placed top 3. Billlabong rider Brooke Voigt worked up some confidence and dropped the cliff of the day not once but twice, taking home a well earned 1st place.


Rail/Slopestyle Results

1st Breanna Strangeland $700 + Flight and accommodations to Finals in Tahoe (Forum, The Source)

2nd Jennifer Englot $500 (Unlimited Skate and Snow)

3rd CJ Derpak $300 (District)

4th Willow Boyd (Rude Girls)

5th Brooke Voigt (Billabong, Sandbox, K2, Thirtytwo, Pom Pom)

Powder Jam Results

1st Brooke Voigt $250 (Billabong, Sandbox, K2, Thirtytwo, Pom Pom)

2nd Maddy Jefferson $100

3rd Carly Scott $50

Dakine Best Trick

Kyna Daley $100 (Senate Snow and Skate)

Sony Style Award

Taryn Cowling (Billabong, Capita, Union, Oakley)