Resort Poll 2013: Top 5 East Coast Parks

5. Sugarbush, Vermont

Ralph Kucharek. Sugarbush, Vermont. PHOTO: DREW AMATO

Parks: 4

Pipes: None

Jumps: 5

Jibs: 50+

Peak Features: Mid-January



It’s the jib mecca of Northern Vermont. They cover the basics, of course: You’ve got your flatbars, down bars, wallrides, and boxes. Then they get weird with the unique features, little rail islands with as many angles as you could dream. They make a lot from a little, and it’s thanks to the energy of Park Supervisor Tony Chiuchiolo and his dedicated crew. Day in, day out, they’re not doing it for themselves; it’s for the local community. It’s paying off. “All the kids are stoked,” Vermonter Yale Cousino says. Yale has always called this place home, and he puts the rail setup at Sugarbush in elite company. “There’s Bear, Keystone… It’s top three, for sure,” he says.