Resort Poll 2013: Top 5 East Coast Parks

3. Loon Mountain, New Hampshire

Mike Ravelson. Loon Mountain, New Hampshire. PHOTO: GREG FUREY

Parks: 8

Pipes: 18’, 10’

Jumps: 24

Jibs: 50+

Peak Features: New Year’s


It’s pretty hard to beat the park lap at Loon. First, you hop in the gondola and thaw yourself out. Then it’s all about the side hits on the way to the park. “Just cruising with the group down Bear Claw is the best part,” Capita rider Mike Rav says. Head into the LMP for the big-jump line, then find the Hubba at the bottom near the Shaping Shack. You’ll likely find some weird concoction brewing there. Jay Scambio and the rest of the park staff are always experimenting and tweaking builds; the shack is almost a trial ground for these new setups. “Everyone’s down, open to ideas,” Mike says. “They put a lot of pride into their work here.”