Resort Poll 2013: Top 5 East Coast Parks

2. Mount Snow, Vermont

Ian Keay. Mount Snow, Vermont. PHOTO: MOUNT SNOW

Parks: 10

Pipes: 18’, 12’

Jumps: 45

Jibs: 150

Peak features: Early January


Even before Day Franzen became Freestyle Operations Manager at Mount Snow, he was laying ground for the direction they would take their parks. Founder of Kingvale—the former DIY park resort in Tahoe—and co-founder of the Cutter’s Cup—a camp for park builders—Day’s visions have guided park construction more than most people recognize. Now he’s in charge of sculpting Carinthia Peak, the all-mountain park that 2012 US Open Rail Jam winner and Mount Snow Park Ranger Shaun Murphy calls home. Not a bad place to work and play. “My favorite jib line? Definitely the Junkyard,” he says. “Creative rails, lift towers, redirects, spines, and lots and lots of propane tanks. There’s a skatepark style flow to it.”