Resort Poll 2013: Top 5 East Coast Parks

Top 5 East Coast Parks

Words by John Poulin


1. Seven Springs, Pennsylvania

Kevin Kobasa. Seven Springs, Pennsylvania. PHOTO: DAN THOMPSON


Parks: 6

Pipes: 22’, 13’

Jumps: 10

Jibs: 70+

Peak Features: Mid-January



It takes a lot of hard work. Not just to get here, but to stay here. Three years in a row at the top of our list should give you a clear picture. “The commitment of new concepts like The Streets really help us stand out from what others are doing,” Terrain Park Manager Joel Rerko says. So what’s a regular day like in this PA oasis? “Hot laps in The Alley are always the best warm-up,” local ripper Chuck Lengle says. Then, hit The Streets. “So many fun lines,” he says. “There are always people finding new, creative stuff to do in there. And don’t miss opening day of the 22-foot pipe; it’s like a holiday.”