Resort Poll 2013: Top 10 Parks

9. Copper, Colorado


Parks: 3

Pipes: 22’

Jumps: 12–15

Jibs: 50+

Peak Features: November



Copper gets the season going with a bang. Where else can you celebrate Thanksgiving with a Superpipe and premium park features? But the party continues all winter, as the mountain builds and constantly maintains every feature. To get your groove on, head up the Union Creek lift and session the smaller features in the Playground Park. From there, roll right into Woodward Central, which sports bigger features and a variety of lines.  Local ripper Rick Shimpeno recommends lapping the medium line, which provides the perfect blend of jibs and mid-sized jumps. If you still have some energy, head over to Woodward. “Don’t forget your skateboard,” Rick says. “You can shred Copper all day and then get a skate session in the Woodward at Copper Barn.”