Resort Poll 2013: Top 10 Parks

8. Northstar, California


Parks: 7

Pipes: 18’, 22’

Jumps: 35

Number of Jibs: 100+

Peak Features: January



Don’t be fooled by the mellow vibes—the parks at Northstar pack a punch.  Start your day on the little jumps in the Straits Park and then hit Pinball. According to Eero Ettala, “It has a real good flow through the whole park and loads of different obstacles to hit.” After a few runs, string together Eero’s favorite line: session the top of Pinball, cut over to the three small jumps on the Straits Park, and then snake through the woods back to Pinball.  If you’re hoping to get away from plastic and metal, get your jib on au naturel in the Burton Stash Parks or ride some pipe. Northstar sports both an 18-foot pipe and Shaun White’s signature 22-foot Superpipe.