Resort Poll 2013: Top 10 Parks

7. Buttermilk, Colorado

Parks: 2

Pipe: 22’

Jumps: 35

Jibs: 70

Peak Features: February, after X Games

2012 X Games. Photos: Aaron Blatt

There’s a reason Buttermilk is home to the X Games: Its park is filled with perfectly sculpted terrain and progressive features. Doran Laybourn explains: “The park crew knows what’s up and rides all the stuff they build like bosses.” Things start rolling in early December, but be forewarned: Much of the park is closed throughout January in preparation for the X Games. But “When everything reopens following the X Games, it’s on!” Greg Boyd, Terrain Parks Operations Director says. If you’re not quite ready to throw down like McMorris or Kotsenburg, drop into the S3 Park on West Buttermilk. If, however, you are thinking about throwing doubles, you’ll want the Main Park. Boyd promises that Buttermilk has “no lift lines, no attitudes, and great riding to be had everywhere.”