Resort Poll 2013: Top 10 Parks

6. Mammoth, California

Anto Chamberland. Mammoth Mountain, California. PHOTO: PETER MORNING


Parks: 8

Pipes: 12’, 18’, 22’

Jumps: 95

Jibs: 126

Peak Features: November


Mammoth loc and all around badass Lonnie Kauk explains why he calls Mammoth home and takes a few laps.

When it comes to parks, the only thing Mammoth doesn’t provide is a bigger set of nuts. Head to the South Park to warm up. As Luke Mitrani says, “It’s just a great park to mess around with your friends. The jumps aren’t too big or too small—they’re the perfect size.”  Next, hit up Jamie Lynn’s Art Park, which is filled with features painted by the legend. If you’re ready to get sendy, drop into Main Park. According to Mitrani, the features are “always built and maintained to perfection.” This year Mammoth debuts the beginner-friendly Unbound Playground Progression Park, as well as the Downtown Collection, which consists of serious street-style features. Did we mention Mammoth also rocks three perfect pipes?