Resort Poll 2013: Top 10 Parks

2. Keystone, Colorado

Tim Humphreys. Keystone, Colorado. PHOTO: AARON DODDS

Parks: 9

Pipe: 13’

Jumps: 20+

Jibs: 100+

Peak Features: January



Keystone’s A51 is stocked to capacity. Packed with kickers and jibs, each run rewards progression and creativity. Thanks to night riding and a dedicated chair, you can rack countless laps. Warm up in the Incubator and then hit the triple line on I-70. When it’s time to throw down hammers, head to Main Street. Starting this year, Main Street will be a top-to-bottom slopestyle line to aid shreds training for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. Keystone’s jibs are also part of the draw. “It’s a jib paradise,” local Josh Stock says. “The whole park flows like a skate park, so you can combo features and pick weird, creative lines all day.” Stock explains that the park crew often invents features that cause riders to ask, “What do you even call that thing?”