Resort Poll 2013: Top 10 Parks


10. Breckenridge, Colorado


Parks: 5

Pipes: 22’

Jumps: 20

Number of Jibs: 80

Peak Features: January



Breck’s parks may cause butterflies, excessive levels of stoke, and occasional soggy underwear. “The park a huge standout,” Eric Willett says. “Everyone comes here to train early season because they get their park up fast, and it stays perfect all year.” Despite having dozens of monster features, Breck’s parks are also progression friendly. “Park Lane is the best place to start your day,” Willett suggests. “There’s a good triple line at the top and a ton of jibs and rails.” Next, drop into Freeway to find four jumps between 50 and 70 feet in length. Willett recommends that you either “do it as a whole line or split it up two and two.” Breck also rocks a killer pipe. Be careful—vacations here can cause permanent relocations.