2012 Resort Pole: Top Ten Overall Resorts

The park that is Buttermilk,CO.  PHOTO: Dan Bayera
The pipes that are at Buttermilk,CO. PHOTO: Dan Bayera

3. Buttermilk, CO

Compared to the other three mountains in the Aspen valley, Buttermilk is light on freeride terrain, but the vibe makes it a great place to ride. From the lift staff and park crew to the kids lapping, people are chill and keepin’ it positive. Plus, the Buttermilk park and pipe reign supreme. The Main Park and S3 are both littered with progressive features (including some from the Burton Team Shoot Out photo shoot) and cool, creative stuff, including large steel drums and old lift towers. To help you get more laps, the Tiehack Express quad has replaced the Eagle Hill and Upper Tiehack lifts for a ride time of seven minutes. For Powder, head to what the locals call the “West of the West” bowls. Don’t forget happy hour at Eric’s in downtown Aspen —J.S