Windells Session 7 : Photo Recap 2014

Windells Session 7 : Photo Recap 2014

The calendar page has now been flipped to August and summer has officially reached its ladder weeks. A thin haze surrounds the volcano as boardshorts become more plentiful with the volume of water that inevitably pools in your boots equaling that which could be swam in. Despite the stinky boots, socks and clothing, session seven was anything but soggy. GoPro brought pulsating energy with there takeover of camp ops handing out cameras during countless campus activities which sent campers into a spiral of selfie and helmet cam footage which together could be enough to crash any hard drive and make any nerd, like me, cringe at the sheer volume of gigabytes.

About 9,000 feet above sea level Trevor and Caleb, summer park building masterminds, schemed another treasure chest of features for the youth to slide across, and jump over. Tim Humphreys literally took matters into his own hands, logging  a plethora of GoPro clips which you should expect to see some of it in the upcoming session edit. Carinthia staple Shaun Murphy swapped coasts for the week chasing cameras about the lane and rumor has it he could be seen from Portland as he blasted cripplers out of any sort of transition he could find.

Now that session seven has shut its doors the glacier’s finest can now take a breathe, dry their belongings and get ready to dive into the sultan of swat, the king of crash, the colossus of clout, the final session of the summer.