Wallpaper Wednesday: Dylan Thompson Nation Rider Week

Dylan Thompson is a certified beast. Have you watched his part in Nation yet? Well it’s right here if you haven’t, and if you have you know just how gnarly the dude is. This weeks Wallpaper Wednesday is all about Dylan. So hook yourself with a new background, and get stoked to hit the streets this winter.

Dylan Thompson. PHOTO: Kealan Shilling.

Just click on your favorite photo to view it full size. Then download that image to your desktop and save it for your computer’s wallpaper. For previous collections of Wallpaper Wednesday click the link.

Have you seen the Nation Full Movie yet? Download your own copy on iTunes right HERE.  Or pick up a DVD that comes in a limited edition 100 page photo book at a local shop near you. Need help finding your local shop? No worries, we got you. Just click HERE.