Wallpaper Wednesday: Powder Boards

Snowboarding Wallpaper: Powder Boards

For Gentemstick founder Taro Tamai, this is the future: creating a closer connection between the rider, deck, and mountain. Inspired by this type of riding, craft, small-batch board designers across the world are beginning to draw their own lines and grow their own followings.

In search of the origin of these boards Jesse Huffman toured from Vermont to Japan with my hisLukas Huffman and pro riders Dave Short, Mads Jonsson, and Mark Carter. They met snow-surfing’s original and emerging shapers, and explored the mountains that inspired them. From the tight trees of the Northeast to the open powder fields of Japan, they shared rides on decks that were paired down to the essentials, shaped for the local terrain, and deeply rooted in a primal snowboard ethos.

jesse huffman Mark Kohlman Snowboarding Wallpaper Photos
Jesse Huffman. PHOTO: Mark Kohlman