Volcom PBRJ At Mount Avila, Quebec


15 & Under:

1st: Nicolas Leduc
2nd: Justin De Castris
3rd: Raphael Vezina
4th: Olivier Boisvert
5th: Jeremy Cool

16 & Over:

1st: Zenon Krupa
2nd: Francis Dube
3rd: Jacques-Olivier Emond
4th: Alastair Spriggs
5th: Scott Rust

Girls Open:

1st: Claudia Biron
2nd: Tamara Truchon
3rd: Anne-Fred Grenier
4th: Marlilou Asselin
5th: Ariane Lewis

Men’s Open:
1st: L.P. Dorval -$200
2nd: Didier Godbout -$150
3rd: Alex Sarrazin -$100
4th: Max Verille
5th: Sean Thomson

Electric’s “Gooeyest Move of the Day”: Max Verville –> $50

– Jake Gelowitz