Volcom PBRJ At Mount Avila, Quebec

Lunch of champions..
This year marked the biggest turnout of femme shreds we’ve seen yet! Not only that, but the roster contained some of the finest female amateurs in Quebec! The girls laid a beating to each of the features with confidence and grace. At awards, it was Claudia Biron taking 1st, in 2nd Tamara Truchon and Anne-Fred Grenier claiming 3rd place!

The down-beam in zone 3 called the “wow” factor home for the 2011 Avila PBRJ
Hot on the ladies heels was the men’s Open category. As expected it was explosive and didn’t let up until time had expired! The crew was packed full of familiar names and this band of brother collectively dominated scene! The quantity of quality tricks thrown down was mind-bending! The captain of the ship and winner of the Open category was L.P. Dorval, closely followed by Didier Godbout in 2nd and last year’s winner Alex Sarrazin in 3rd.