Volcom PBRJ At Mount Avila, Quebec

The first daytime event in Quebec in years brought out the rippers en masse!
The 15 & under division initiated the first attack of the day. These skilled snipers took on each feature with thoughts of victory glistening in their eyes! B/s noseslides to f/s 270 out, 50-50 to frontside board and a smooooth tail press along the lift tower is just scratching the surface of what was seen. At the end of the day, 1st place went to Nicolas Leduc with Justin De Castris hot on his heel edge in 2nd and Raphael Vezina 3rd!

Nosepressing, zone 2
Next group on the flight deck was the 16+ boys. They proceeded to blast off nollie nose presses, switch front boards and front blunt b/s 270 out. The synchronized onslaught of destroyers in all three zones had our judges working at warp speed to ensure all the madness was being evaluated with precision! Zenon Krupa was getting radical enough in the qualifiers he snapped the nose of his deck. We lent him a Volcom board and he, well here’s where how the dice rolled out… 1st place went to Zenon Krupa, 2nd place to Francis Dube and 3rd place went to Jacques-Olivier Emond! Good job boys!